Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ
Can I bring a friend with me to class?
At Kiwi Gym we love referrals and the people that refer them! You can invite as many friends as you want to come and workout. Just have them go to and fill out the “Free Training Trial” information and we will book you all in. Any friend that you refer that signs up will earn you $50 worth of Kiwi Gym Bucks that can be used towards any Kiwi Gym service and products.
I have a coupon. Do I have to make an appointment to use it?
Yes. We require that you schedule your first initial class so that we know when you are coming in. After your first class, you no longer have to schedule with us. Please let us know the location, day and class time you would like to attend first. If you are unaware of the location, please give yourself plenty of time to locate it. It can be disruptive to the trainer and the class, if you arrive late. You must arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of class for filling out the waiver and time to discuss injuries, concerns and goals with the trainer.
My coupon / voucher is about to expire. Can I still use it?
As long as you schedule your first class prior to expiration date, yes you can still redeem it. You must book your first appointment no later than 2 weeks after the expiration date. If you reschedule for any reason post the expiration date, you will unfortunately forfeit the coupon.

Do I have to complete my coupon / voucher before the expiration date?

No, the length of the voucher will start the day you first attend a class. For example: if you have a 1 month unlimited coupon, your month will expire 30 days after you attend your first class.
What do I bring to the Bootcamp class?
Be sure to wear comfortable workout clothes and to bring a water bottle, workout towel and a yoga mat (if you have one).
Do I have to remain at the same location and / or class time that I schedule my first class at?
No, once you’ve scheduled and attended your first class, all of our clients are able to attend any of our locations for any of the class times.
I’m pregnant; can I still attend the Bootcamp class?
Yes, we recommend a healthy lifestyle even during pregnancy. We will make modifications in order to keep your heart rate below 130 bpm. You will not be permitted to participate in the running portions of the workout because of the heart rate restrictions, but don’t worry, we have plenty of other things that you can do.
What is the youngest age for a participating client?
We will accept clients as young as 16 years of age, with a signed parental consent.
How long are the Bootcamp classes?
Each of our classes are a full hour (60 minutes).
What is an example / description of how the Bootcamp class work?
Each day is a new and different routine. Generally, we start the class with a warm up, move into weight training mixed with cardio and finish the class with stretching. We incorporate cardio, high intensity weight training, functional training and core training.
What level of athleticism can participate in the Bootcamp class?
We welcome all levels of athletes. From beginner (right off the couch) to advanced (professional athletes). Your trainer will allow you to work at your own pace initially; so don’t worry about not being able to keep up.
Can I receive a free training session in addition to my coupon / voucher?
Sorry, we do not combine our special offers. If you would like to try us out for 1 week free and then purchase a month coupon / voucher we will deduct the free 1 week from the month.
How do I redeem my coupon?
Please click on this link (a set up like the free training session form) and complete the form. A member of the Kiwi Gym team will contact you to confirm your reservation.
What are your prices for a membership?
Our rates are constantly changing (for new clients only, we never change the rates of our current clients) as demand for our services increase. We also have special deals at certain times of the year. We recommend taking advantage of our free trial, so you can experience the workout and receive your free nutrition program and body fat measurement. You can then discuss our current deals and pricing with the trainer.
I’ve purchased a GroupOn (or any other coupon) before, and I see you are running another one; can I also buy that?
Unfortunately, all coupons are for first time clients only. We can’t accept any repeat customers with coupons.